December 14, 2016

Amazon Web Services launches AWS Europe

AWS cloud will now be available to customers from data centers in the UK

This week, Amazon Web Services announced the launch of the AWS Europe (London) Region. With this launch, the company now provides 42 Availability Zones globally.

The AWS Europe (London) Region is its third in Europe, joining existing regions in Ireland and Germany. Amazon announced that developers, startups, and enterprises, as well as government, education, and non-profit organizations, can now leverage the AWS Cloud to run their applications and store their data on infrastructure in the UK.

The AWS Europe (London) Region offers two Availability Zones at launch. AWS Regions are comprised of Availability Zones, which refer to technology infrastructure in separate and distinct geographic locations with enough distance to reduce the risk of a single event impacting availability. Each Availability Zone has independent power, cooling and physical security.

Andy Jassy, CEO, AWS said :

For the past decade, we’ve had an enthusiastic base of customers in the UK choosing to build their businesses on the AWS Cloud because it has more functionality than other cloud platforms, an extensive APN Partner and customer ecosystem, as well as unmatched maturity, security, and performance.

A local AWS Region will serve as the foundation for even more innovative cloud initiatives from the UK that can transform business, customer experiences, and enhance the local economy.

AWS also announced that they provide multiple Amazon CloudFront edge locations in the UK for customers looking to deliver websites, applications, and content to UK end-users with low latency.

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