September 12, 2018

Quantum cloud services unveiled by full stack firm Rigetti

The launch aims to provide cloud-native customers with faster means of managing mission-critical workloads.

Quantum cloud

Full-stack provider Rigetti Computing have launched quantum cloud services for customers deploying applications and mission-critical workloads on the cloud. With this launch, Rigetti will allow businesses to access a powerful quantum computing hardware on the cloud that enables them to write as well as test their algorithms at a very high speed.

According to Rigetti, enterprises that deploy vital workloads on the cloud need to deliver at a fast pace to achieve their business goals. They claim that the speed of their cloud plays a critical role in giving them a competitive edge in the market.

By launching quantum cloud services, Rigetti believe that they will help enterprises accelerate the pace of computing their cloud applications to reach business goals faster. They also say that this hybrid approach will allow enterprises to crunch algorithms quickly and initiate experimentation with the help of quantum computing.

Speaking about the key benefit provided by this launch, Chad Rigetti, CEO of Rigetti computing, commented:

Users access these integrated systems through their dedicated Quantum Machine Image. The QMI is a virtualized programming and execution environment designed for users to develop and run quantum software applications.

Every QMI comes pre-configured with Forest 2.0, the latest version of our industry-leading software development kit.

Rigetti say that in a bid to help enterprises develop applications on the platform and provide a distribution channel, the company is partnering with a number of quantum computing specialists like 1QBit, Entropica Labs, Heisenberg Quantum Simulation, etc. They claim that next year, Rigetti will also be bringing a 128-qubit machine that will display a quantum advantage for customers.

Industry analysts believe that quantum cloud is a product that is still in its nascent stages and needs a lot of work so that it can be scaled at a global level. They say that Regetti have a long way to go in order to catch-up with behemoths like IBM, who are one of the many pioneers of the quantum cloud.