April 2, 2019

AlgoSec unveils ‘CloudFlow’ for security, automation and compliance management

The solution aims to deliver complete visibility and management of security control layers across enterprise multi-cloud estates.

AlgoSec, a network security software provider has launched CloudFlow to provide automation, compliance management and security services to cloud-native enterprises. With this launch, AlgoSec will be delivering complete visibility across cloud networks as well as management of security controls to enterprises across all their cloud properties.

According to AlgoSec, enterprises migrating to public cloud environments face a large number of security challenges. They say that some of these major challenges include network visibility, maintaining IT security strategy and risks due to missing security controls or misconfigurations.

With these problems existing across cloud network frameworks, AlgoSec claim that security management gets fragmented, affecting the agility of workloads. Hence, to address this concern, AlgoSec have launched CloudFlow, an in-depth risk compliance and analysis solution that provides holistic policy management across multi-cloud environments.

Speaking about the benefits provided by CloudFlow, AlgoSec believe say that the solution will-

1. Facilitate continuous cloud visibility- To understand if any risks exist within the network,

2. Quickly deploy the solution with risk and compliance management- So that enterprises can enforce company policies seamlessly without any delays, and

3. Provide automation for cloud and security management- For internal security teams to control multiple layers of security across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Yonatan Klein, Director of Product Management at AlgoSec states that having complete visibility over the cloud network and security management of an enterprise is key for an organization’s growth. He believes that by launching CloudFlow, AlgoSec will improve the agility of the enterprise’s everyday workloads that will eventually lead to a secure IT environment in the long run.

Industry experts opine that solutions like these will have a positive impact on the adaptability of the cloud as a service. One can only wait and see whether this launch will help cloud-native customers with respect to security in the market, especially after Fugue announced ‘Risk Manager’ to identify violation in cloud networks.