July 23, 2018

Alert Logic launches intrusion detection system (IDS) for containers

The product aims to examine network traffic for malicious activity aimed at containers and improve the security of workloads operating on AWS.

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Full stack security company Alert Logic have launched an intrusion detection system (IDS) for containers. With this launch, Alert Logic seeks to empower organizations using container systems with threat detection and network-traffic monitoring capabilities to improve the security of workloads operating on AWS cloud.

Alert Logic claim that enterprises need to keep a firm eye on the security of their container systems to avoid them from being compromised. They say that intrusion detection of container systems is vital since business-critical workloads are set-up on them.

By launching an intrusion detection system, Alert Logic believe that enterprises deploying containers on AWS including Amazon Elastic Container Service, Docker, CoreOS, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, and Kubernetes will gain complete visibility of malicious activities aimed at containers. They say that this IDS solution will help them identify threats in real time and mitigate risks to protect containers at the network layer.

Speaking about the launch, Chris Noell, Senior Vice President, Engineering, Alert Logic, commented:

Without real-time detection capabilities, attackers and intruders can lurk within containers installing trojans, malware, ransomware and crypto miners or even corrupting and exfiltrating data. Network intrusion detection is critical to providing the visibility into container attacks that other approaches miss.

With Alert Logic, organizations can confidently move forward with their container deployments knowing that they are protected by the only security solution in the market that addresses container visibility at the network layer.

In closing, Alert Logic added that they will bring in support for additional cloud-deployed containers before the end of the current calendar year.