July 24, 2018

Managed service provider NexusTek acquires Cal Net Technology

The acquisition aims to address issues faced by SMBs when it comes to data centers, cybersecurity and cloud-based services.

Tech giants

NexusTek have acquired Cal Net Technology Group to address IT issues of small-medium businesses across the U.S. market. With this acquisition, NexusTek aims to focus on problems pertaining to data centers, cybersecurity, cloud services and other adjutant services that are critical to business.

According to NexusTek, SMBs in the U.S. are deploying myriad IT strategies to scale their business. They say that these businesses have based their strategies on the efficacy of cloud products, data centers, cybersecurity, collaborative tools as well as migration services.

By acquiring Cal Net Technology, NexusTek say that they will be able to resolve IT concerns of SMBs and help them meet business goals faster without compromising the quality of IT infrastructure. They also say that SMBs can make the most out of the deal by leveraging additional services such as VOIP (Voice Over IP), enhanced application and infrastructure consulting as well as multiple network operation centers.

Industry experts opine that this alliance could be facilitated as a result of Aby Partners making a sizeable investment in NexusTek back in 2017. They claim that this strategic investment is likely to pay off as the SMB’s share in the cloud and data center market keeps increasing year on year.

Neither parties have disclosed the financial terms of the deal.