September 21, 2016

IBM announces new systems to boost hybrid cloud

The company has launched a set of services to simplify the move of organizations to hybrid cloud

This week, IBM launched new software and hardware to make it easier for organizations to switch to hybrid-computing technology which makes use of both, public cloud as well as an on-premise computing setup.

The new offerings include Power Systems Solution for cloud, IBM z Systems for cloud and the IBM Spectrum Copy Data Management. IBM claims that it has expanded its open software ecosystem to speed up hybrid cloud integration.

Tom Rosamilia, Senior Vice President, IBM Systems said :

Today’s business environment is very dynamic and filled with disruption.

A hybrid cloud model enables clients to continuously adapt while also optimizing on-premises investments.

IBM is uniquely able to support the flexibility clients need across IBM Systems and the cloud.

A hybrid cloud provides a cloud computing environment that is essentially a combination of on-premises, public as well as private cloud services that work in sync with one another. Hybrid cloud is beneficial to businesses as it offers enhanced data deployment options by enabling seamless transition of workloads between private and public clouds.

IBM claims that a hybrid cloud model will enable clients to adapt to changes seamlessly while leveraging their on-premise setups.

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