February 9, 2018

Google to launch second data center in Osaka, Japan

The launch seeks to form a state-of-the-art data center zone in a bid to reduce service disruptions.

Tech giant Google have announced that they will be building their second data center in Osaka, Japan. With this launch, Google will be forming a data center zone to combat service disruption issues for their Japanese clients.

According to Google, the data center expansion is being planned as a response to fierce demand for cloud services from Japanese companies. They further added that be expanding these data centers and creating a data center zone, Google will be able to continue its cloud services without any downtime.

Speaking about this in detail, Shinichi Abe, Managing Director, Google Cloud Japan commented:

The Osaka investment is expected to be finalised and operation in 2019 and it will make it easier for Japanese companies to build highly available, performant applications. Osaka is a large port city and a leading commercial centre, and will be our seventh region in Asia Pacific, joining our future region in Hong Kong, and existing regions in Mumbai, Sydney, Singapore, Taiwan and Tokyo.

Customers will benefit from lower latency for their cloud-based workloads and data. The region is also designed for high availability, launching with three zones to protect against service disruption.

Google say that with this second data center in Japan, they will be having a total of seven data centers in the APAC region alone. They further added that the sixth data center zone that is set in Hong Kong will be also be opening soon.

In addition to the data center in Japan, Google revealed that plans to ramp up data centers in Sweden and other regions in Europe are also in the pipeline.

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