January 29, 2018

.FM nTLD to launch emoji domain names

BRS Media’s nTLD seeks to leverage consumer’s online conversations by meeting rising demand and popularity of emojis.

Media and Internet company BRS Media have announced that its .FM TLD registry is planning to launch emoji based domain names. The emoji based domain names will have an expressive digital icon or image on it. According to .FM, the launch of emoji domain names aims to capitalize on the rising trend of online conversations done with emojis.

.FM say that emojis are, in the present day and age, an inseparable part of human conversations in the online space. They further added that since the usage of emojis on social media and text messages has brought people closer, extending its advantage in the web domain space will be welcomed with equal enthusiasm. Explaining this in detail, George T. Bundy, Chairman & CEO of BRS Media Inc., said:

We are extremely ‘😃’ to announce the launch of emoji domains under the .fm Top-Level Domain. Today emojis are incorporated in all aspects of consumers online conversations; social media, texting and messaging, why not web domains? Emoji domains date back to 1995, but recent demand has sparked an explosion in popularity. dotFM is excited to be one of only a few prime TLDs to support emoji-based domain names.

According to .FM, emojis are supported by all kinds of search engines and operating systems in particular, such as; Android, iOS, Linux and Windows. They also said that these emoji domain names will be available based on Unicode Consortium Emoji Version 5.0 standards to allow a mix of letters as well as emojis under .FM and its .Radio extensions like .Radio.fm and .Radio.am.

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