October 3, 2016

Equinix contiues expansion, this time in Finland

The company is coming up with a new Internet Exchange in Helsinki by Q1 of 2017

Last week, Equinix announced its plan to expand operations in the capital of Finland, Helsinki. The company plans to open an Equinix Internet Exchange in the city by the first quarter of 2017. The company says that this expansion will enable them to meet the increasing demand for Internet usage and data storage capacity in the area.

Equinix claims that their Internet Exchange reduces the cost of critical transit, peering and traffic exchange operations by eliminating costs associated with private peering or local loops. Equinix reportedly has 22 Internet Exchange Points (IXP) located worldwide across APAC, North America and Europe.

Equinix claims that the new IXP will enable customers to increase the efficiency of their IT infrastructure and remove some complexities of administering and managing their infrastructure, while significantly reducing costs.

Eric Schwartz, EMEA President at Equinix said :

The growth and rapid evolution of the digital economy demands ever-increasing levels of network performance and capacity.

Equinix will help address this challenge by opening the Equinix Internet Exchange in Helsinki, which will build on the success we’ve had while developing internet exchanges in Zurich and Paris.

Equinix says it has more than 145 data centers across the world. The company says that its recent expansion will strengthen its portfolio and contribute towards total revenue growth.

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