January 18, 2018

Dion Global chooses AWS for public cloud services

The selection aims to provide Dion’s customers with secure and reliable SaaS solution through the AWS cloud platform.

Fintech company Dion Global Solutions have announced that they have chosen AWS as its public cloud provider for hosting Invantage Suite, a SaaS wealth management product. They further added that by deploying AWS for their customers, they will increase production of applications, expand their network and also keep their data confidential, with AWS’ secure platform.

According to Dion Global, this decision will decrease load on their IT management while reducing the cost of resources. They further added that migrating to AWS will also allow them to scale, if need be in the future. Explaining this is detail, Kean Williams, Managing Director, Wealth & Post Trade Solutions, Dion Global, said:

AWS and its available services has enabled us to deploy our solution using progressive modern technology that resulted in providing additional features and benefits to our customers. Their robust yet flexible platform and constant innovation mirrors our development, making them an ideal partner for our needs.

Williams added that the demanding nature of customers has been critical in deciding a reputed name that can allow them to react to the constant pressure of the Fintech industry.

The wealth management industry is under a constant pressure from customers demanding superior and instant services, as well as ever-evolving requirements from the regulatory bodies. In addition, there is a constant threat from multiple external sources that needs specialist experience and hands-on attention. Using a cloud-based technology platform, firms no longer have to worry about the infrastructure and its maintenance.

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