January 22, 2018

Dreamscape Networks acquires Quadra Hosting for USD 2.5M

The acquisition seeks to consolidate local hosting providers under one umbrella in a bid to increase customer footprint across Australia.

Tech giants

Web hosting company Dreamscape have acquired local hosting provider Quadra in a USD 2.5 million deal. As per the acquisition, Dreamscape will leverage the resources provided by Quadra in quantum with their other acquisitions to penetrate the Australian market.

According to Dreamscape, Quadra clocked revenue of USD 1.35 million in the fiscal year of 2017 and is as a promising investment in the web hosting market. They further added that by consolidating local providers with the rest of their acquisitions like Vodien Group, Net Logistics and Enetica Group, they see an opportunity in supplying resources to the web hosting market.

Opening up on the facts of the strategic acquisition, Mark Evans, Managing Director at Dreamscape said:

Bolting Quadra Hosting into Dreamscape Networks allows us to take further advantages of our existing infrastructure, and the synergies of our previous Australian acquisitions, Enetica Group and Net Logistics.

Shedding light on the resources Dreamscape plan to leverage, Evans commented:

We aim to bring increased value to current Quadra customers by utilizing our recently-upgraded technology platforms, while improving customer service and marketing capabilities via our dedicated hosting brand, Vodien.

According to Dreamscape, the deal is set to be completed on or before 31st January, 2018 with business integration activated by March this year.