November 14, 2018

Zendesk launches new open CRM platform, ‘Zendesk Sunshine’

The launch of CRM platform seeks to equip customers with the tools to bring all their data together by leveraging AWS’ flexibility, scale and security.

CRM platform

Software firm Zendesk have announced their new CRM platform Zendesk Sunshine to help their clients collate all customer data on a single stage. With this launch, Zendesk aims to leverage AWS cloud’s scale, security and flexibility in a bid to unleash their clients’ information effectively through the platform.

According to Zendesk, enterprises need to bring a major part of their clients’ data in the cloud, since the environment is conducive for running digital products as well as internal services. They say that by moving their workloads and data to the cloud, enterprises can seamlessly move application information within their IT framework.

By launching Zendesk Sunshine, the software firm claim that they will be able to leverage AWS cloud and allow organizations to incorporate data from different sources and comprehend their client’s information better. They say that with AWS controlling a major chunk of Zendesk Sunshine, engineers will be able to control and build applications without any hiccups.

As a major aspect of their relationship with AWS, Zendesk say that they are looking to discharge various arrangements and connectors to AWS to encourage engineers and IT experts get to their information effortlessly. Supporting this, Mike Clayville, Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Business Development at AWS, said that they will be happy to help Zendesk with their flexible services and boost the latter’s CRM platform, making it an ‘easy stage to access data points’.

Explaining the benefit of AWS for the CRM platform, Zendesk say that organizations will have the capacity to stream information from Sunshine into Amazon Kinesis Data Streams or Amazon S3, to effectively interface data that has generally been siloed within the organization. They also say that to ensure this streaming of information takes place without any hindrances, Zendesk will leverage AWS’ PrivateLink to create a direct and secure connection between AWS and Zendesk.

It will be interesting to see how Zendesk makes the most of this CRM platform, following the launch of workflow and collaboration tools for enterprises, to collate and measure customer data.