July 24, 2018

WISeKey QuoVadis announces expansion of data center business with Datrium

The expansion seeks to deploy an IaaS platform for clients in Bermuda, as well as in multiple data centers in Switzerland and the Netherlands.

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IT services and management firm WISeKey QuoVadis have entered into an alliance with Datrium to expand the former’s data center business. As per the terms of the deal, WISeKey QuoVadis will deploy an IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) platform for clients in Bermuda and build multiple data centers for those in Switzerland and the Netherlands.

According to WISeKey QuoVadis, data center as a business is gaining prominence in larger as well as smaller markets worldwide as a result of the need to store huge enterprise data. They believe that enterprises can run software applications at ease when they are hosted on large-scale data centers that provide sophisticated and high network connectivity.

Speaking about the alliance, Gavin Dent, Managing Director of WISeKey QuoVadis Services, stated:

We believe that Datrium is well suited to the needs of Bermuda companies, because it provides security, data backup, and disaster recovery all from one technology stack that is efficient to manage. We are excited to be working with Datrium, driving the next generation of our high-performance cloud hosting services.

By partnering with Datrium, WISeKey QuoVadis claim that scaling will become much easier since the markets they are targeting have a high demand for data center services. Dent added:

We estimate we can get up to 10x the performance of traditional compute/storage solutions with a much lower cost of ownership. Unlike other hyper-converged vendors we reviewed, we find that the Datrium solution is easy to manage, is easy to scale and it does not consume lots of its own resources to deliver the converged solution.