December 21, 2016

.US to release 1 & 2 character domains; allow private registrations

The plans are based on the usTLD Stakeholder Council’s recommendations to the Registry

Earlier this month, Neustar, the Registry operator for .US, opened an issue to seek public comment on the Council’s recommendation to Neustar to release one and two character domain names. This recommendation is related to the US TLD Premium Domain Name (PDN) plan which seeks to implement a Registry-based wholesale WHOIS privacy registration service for the .US TLD.

Neustar announced that it has selected the “high/low” pricing model for .US Premium Domain Names. This model means that new registrations will carry a premium price in a set pricing tier but renewals, transfers and multi-year terms will remain at the then current standard price.

Neustar also announced plans to put dropped domains that qualify, into the PDN plan. The Registry also said that on approval of the plan and scoping of the service, it plans to price its privacy service at a wholesale fee, such as $0.50 per domain name per year.

The usTLD Stakeholder Council has requested comments from the public on the issue in order to make a decision.

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