January 31, 2017

Undeveloped partners with Radix to “rent” premium domain names

The domains currently available for rent on the marketplace belong to the .STORE extension

This month, Undeveloped announced a partnership with Radix to create the “Undeveloped Rental Market” which offers customers the option of renting premium domain names for a monthly fee.

Through the partnership, Radix has started offering .STORE domain names for lease through Undeveloped. Renting a domain is beneficial to customers who wish to have a premium domain name for their business without paying the full  premium price for the domain.

Some of the .STORE domains available are gift.store, book.store, pet.store, and toy.store. The pricing structure starts at $1000 a month and could go up to $6,999 for a domain name.

Karn Jajoo, Manager of .STORE, told WebHosting.info:

To make our best names more accessible to businesses we have listed them with our partner Undeveloped.com where these category killer names can be leased for as low as $999 a month.

It’s similar to owning prime real estate which will go up in value as the years go by which is why you wouldn’t want to sell it immediately, but at the same time can rent it out for a fraction of the price so that customers can reap the benefits of having prime Internet real estate without breaking the bank.

Undeveloped B.V. is a domain marketplace startup which aims at making all registered but unused domain names available to the market. The platform is used by customers to buy domains, make offers for a domain name and also to put their domain name up for sale.

Undeveloped said in a statement:

All companies need a great identity. A solid identity increases the chance of success. Good brands are either taken or in use.

Usable domains are too expensive and hard to access.
While the majority of offline store owners rent their physical store, online store owners don’t have this option today. We’re about to change that.

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