July 26, 2018

UKFast launches public-cloud focused SBU, ClearCloud

The SBU aims to broaden UKFast’s multi-cloud offering by providing services across industries and fortifying their position in the market.

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Managed cloud and hosting provider UKFast have launched a public-cloud focused SBU Clear Cloud. This SBU, which will be providing public cloud offerings from AWS and Microsoft along with its own dedicated eCloud Hybrid and eCloud Private solutions, aims to broaden UKFast’s cloud offering to fortify their position in the cloud market.

According to UKFast, the U.K. as a region has attracted a wide range of enterprises from Europe since they have made cloud technology an essential part of their IT plans. By leveraging the cloud to accelerate workloads, UKFast believe that enterprises have reduced their time to reach business goals and help clients to scale quickly.

By launching a public-cloud focused SBU, UKFast claim that they will be able to straddle different cloud products only to offer a wide range of solutions to their customers. They say that this SBU will allow them to strengthen UKFast’s positioning by serving different sectors and industries that deploy public cloud in the U.K.

Lawrence Jones, CEO of UKFast, commented:

By widening our offering to organizations needing multi-cloud solutions we are able to attract even more businesses to UKFast. When we hear clients offering their AWS and Azure workloads for us to manage, it’s hard to ignore, especially when they’re struggling.