August 24, 2018

Tungsten Branding acquires domain name sales platform

The acquisition aims to provide brandable domain names to customers by adding over 1000 domains to Tungsten’s product portfolio.

Domain name provider

Branding agency Tungsten Branding have acquired, a provider of domain names sales platform, in a bid to expand their inventory of brandable domain names. As per the terms of the acquisition deal, Tungsten will be adding over 1000 domains to their product portfolio to provide matching domain names to companies seeking unique digital identities.

According to Tungsten, companies need domain names that can reflect the business that they are in. They claim that the available line of domain names like .CO, .PRO, .IO etc. do not justify the line of business of a company and force-fitting their usage can be awkward for them as well as their customers.

Explaining this, Phil Davis, CEO at Tungsten Branding, commented:

One of the biggest challenges facing brand name development firms is the lack of affordable, compelling, and matching .com domains to complete the corporate identity package. Company naming firms are resorting to unwieldy prefixes such as go, try, visit, hello and suffixes such as usa, online, now, 247, and 360.

The more desperate option is to resort to TLD extensions such as .co, .io, .pro, .live, or even .ninja. The results are awkward names that require explanation.

By acquiring, Tungsten claim that they will overcome a major obstacle faced by businesses when it comes to carving digital identities – a unique and compelling domain name that explains what the company does. They say that in addition to providing over a 1000 domain names, Tungsten will also be offering logo designs of the company with the domain name.

Davis further added:

We believe the domain name itself makes a statement that lends to a stronger brand presence. With the addition of Brandzam, we can service both ends of the brand development spectrum, from startups to corporate rebrands.