December 1, 2016

Amazon launches new AI tools for customers

The company unveiled three AWS AI tools at AWS re:Invent

At AWS re:Invent this week, Amazon Web Services announced three Artificial Intelligence (AI) services, Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly, and Amazon Rekognition. The company says that the services are designed for developers to build applications that can understand natural language, turn text into lifelike speech, have conversations using voice or text, analyze images, and recognize faces, objects, and scenes.

Amazon says that the new tools are based on Amazon technology built by experts across the company and used in successful products like Amazon Echo. Amazon AI services all provide AI capabilities that are scalable and cost-effective.

The company explained that Amazon AI services are fully managed services so there are no deep learning algorithms to build, no machine learning models to train, and no up-front commitments or infrastructure investments required because they eliminate all of this by making AI broadly accessible to all app developers by offering deep learning algorithms and technologies as fully managed services that any developer can access in the AWS Management Console.

Raju Gulabani, VP, Databases, Analytics, and AI, AWS said :

The combination of better algorithms and broad access to massive amounts of data and cost-effective computing power provided by the cloud is making AI a reality for application developers. AWS is home to some of the most innovative and creative AI applications in use today.

We are excited to see how customers use Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly, and Amazon Rekognition to build a new generation of apps that have human-like intelligence and can see, hear, speak, and interact with people and their environments.

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