June 21, 2018

Telos unveils advanced cyber risk management platform, Xacato.io

The launch seeks to provide users with security risk and compliance data to derive actionable insights to manage cyber threats.

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Cybersecurity company Telos Corporation have launched a cyber risk management platform Xacatio.io to help enterprises contain cyber threats. With this launch, Telos aims to enable users with data pertaining to security risks and compliance so as to derive actionable insights for countering cyber threats.

According to Telos, enterprises have adopted a threat mitigation strategy to counter cyber risks and attacks. They say that the adoption of such strategies has called for integrating cyber risk and compliance tools that provide detection as well as threat reduction insights.

By launching Xacato.io, Telos say that they will be addressing enterprises’ common concern of visual data and analytics that helps them manage cyber threats. They claim that this platform will provide users with vulnerability scanners, endpoint agents, cloud service provider APIs and threat intelligence feeds to facilitate robust cyber risk situational awareness and management.

Speaking about the launch, John B. Wood, Chairman and CEO of Telos, commented:

Security and compliance practitioners view continuous compliance as the ultimate goal of cyber risk management.

While accelerating the ability to reach a point-in-time Authorization to Operate (ATO) is critical, Xacta.io’s new technology stack and data connector framework make significant progress toward maintaining a rolling ATO with continuous compliance.

In closing, Telos added that the platform is deployable on AWS cloud and will be made compatible with other platforms soon.