July 12, 2016

Tajikistan government to hand over registrations of .TJ domains to agency

.TJ is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Tajikistan, with to-date nearly 7,600 domain names registered

According to news.tj, registration of .TJ domain names is expected to be handed over soon to the Communications Service agency. A source says that “the documentation issue is being resolved, and therefore, registration of domain names has been suspended (for now).”

It currently impossible to register .TJ domain names domain names for more than three months, with .TJ registrars saying they are unaware of the reasons for suspension of domain name registration.

The Information Technology Center at the President’s Executive Office is the co-ordinating body for registration of 2nd level .TJ domains. However, registration of domain names were reportedly suspended on April 3 following the arrest of Qadamjon Safizoda, the head of the Information Technology Center at the President’s Executive Office.

The last domain name in .tj zone was registered on April 1 after which on April 4, Safizoda was relieved of his post of head the Information Technology Center by Presidential decree.

One of managers for the registrar GET.tj says that they have received 50 applications for domain names over three months “but representatives of President’s Executive Office (say) that Qadamjon Saifzoda was fired and registration of domain names was suspended,” he noted.

GET.tj say that in the first 3 months of the year, they registered 276 domain names, with a lifetime registration count of 7030 .TJ domain names with the company.

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