November 6, 2018

Symantec fortifies cybersecurity portfolio with Javelin, Appthority additions

The acquisitions aim to grow Symantec’s security prowess with Active Directory protection from Javelin Networks and mobile apps security from Appthority.


IT security firm Symantec have acquired Javelin Networks and Appthority to strengthen their cybersecurity portfolio. As per the terms of the acquisition deals, Symantec will add Active Directory system from Javelin and mobile apps security from Appthority to grow their cybersecurity prowess.

According to Symantec, enterprise security is at a constant threat since miscreants are looking to attack sensitive data through different means. They say that these attacks are as severe on the mobile as much as they are on the web and mitigating them should be a top priority for enterprises.

By acquiring Javelin, Symantec believe that they will be able to provide customers with protection from credential loss etc. by including AD Protect and AD Assess for Active Directory protection. They say that this acquisition will help enterprises identify potential backdoors and misconfigurations within Active Directory.

Speaking about this, Sri Sundaralingam, Head of Product Marketing for enterprise security products at Symantec, commented:

Javelin Networks’ technology can detect Microsoft Active Directory [AD] misconfigurations and backdoors and help prevent AD reconnaissance and credentials misuse by authorized devices and applications.

Parallely, by acquiring Appthority, Symantec claim that businesses can leverage a unified enterprise mobile threat protection system. They further added that the platform includes a web-based threat protection console, a mobile app, an Enterprise Mobility Manager (EMM) connector as well as a security information and event management (SIEM) connector.

Sundaralingam added:

This technology gives Symantec customers the critical ability to analyze mobile apps for both malicious capabilities and unsafe and unwanted behaviors, such as vulnerabilities, risk of sensitive data loss, and privacy-invasive actions.

Appthority say that they are pleased with this acquisition and are looking forward to working with a global brand like Symantec. Domingo J. Guerra, Co-founder of Appthority, commented:

Mobile users increase the enterprise attack surface with each app they install. This acquisition unites Appthority with Symantec’s comprehensive endpoint security portfolio, which is the first solution on the market that can protect all traditional and modern endpoints and now apps.

The financials of either deal were not disclosed by Symantec. It will be interesting to see how Symantec makes the most of these deals, following their alliance with AWS for cybersecurity.