November 12, 2018

Mphasis acquires cloud automation firm Stelligent for USD 25 million

With this acquisition, Mphasis seeks to reap the benefits of the evolving and lucrative public cloud AWS ecosystem that spans across the globe.

cloud automation

IT firm Mphasis have acquired cloud automation company Stelligent Systems in an all-cash deal worth USD 25 million. With this acquisition, Mphasis aims to penetrate the public cloud market within the AWS ecosystem by offering DevOps and DevSecOps solutions, to consolidate their position as a holistic cloud services provider.

According to Mphasis, enterprises are steadily moving to DevOps and DevSecOps practices to deploy cloud applications with higher speed and agility. They say that this trend is catching up globally and it was about time they focused on expansion with a strategic intent.

By partnering with Stelligent, Mphasis believe that they will get their teeth into an evolving AWS ecosystem that is building interesting applications on the tents of Saas, Paas as well as IaaS. They also say that this acquisition will enable enterprises to drive application requirements with full efficiency, scale, security as well as speed.

Speaking about this acquisition, Nitin Rakesh, CEO and Executive Director, Mphasis, commented:

Together with Stelligent and its community heroes in the AWS ecosystem, we believe we are uniquely positioned to take advantage of (public cloud infrastructure and SaaS software) market opportunity.

This allows us to join forces with an equally technically-deep company, bringing innovative, in-depth cloud solutions to enterprises in all Mphasis client segments.

Mphasis say that they will be taking over Stelligent from, who acquired the company in March last year, as revealed in a BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) filing. They also say that along with public cloud offerings, this acquisition will also open the door to the hybrid cloud market.

Stelligent claim that their engineering team, which comprises of 50-100 certified DevOps technicians, are looking forward to working with Mphasis. Bill Santos, CEO at Stelligent, commented:

Our engineers will greatly benefit from being part of a larger, complementary tech-centric community as well as serve enterprises in end-to-end AWS DevOps, DevSecOps and additional AWS cloud services.

Industry experts opine that the DevOps market is at its peak with enterprises taking a build-or-buy route to fortify their cloud automation prowess. It will be interesting to witness how Mphasis makes the most of this after the likes of KPMG partnered with AWS to consolidate their cloud capabilities.