July 4, 2018

StackPath launches new cloud-based portal, network and services

The launch aims to address security and scalability concerns by strengthening their monitoring, CDN and DNS capabilities and push edge computing further.

Domain name service

Cloud service provider StackPath have launched new cloud-based portal, network and services to address security and scalability concerns for customers. By launching this platform and services, StackPath say that they will be fortifying their monitoring, CDN (Content Delivery Network) and DNS (Domain Name Server) prowess to improve edge computing capabilities.

According to StackPath businesses rely on scale and security when it comes to running critical applications in the cloud. They say that businesses need to streamline their workflows that make setting up and managing simple for services to be configured immediately.

By launching a new cloud-based platform, StackPatch claim that the portal will support the scale and speed of the new cloud infrastructure network and make it easier for customers to manage StackPath accounts and services. They believe that their new infrastructure will significantly accelerate time to market for future StackPath features.

Speaking about this platform, Ben Gabler, Vice President of Product Engineering at StackPath, commented:

It doesn’t matter whether you are talking about services in the middle of the cloud or at the edge – developers demand control and they expect it to be fast and well-documented.

That’s why we built everything in our platform API first. We have built the customer portal around the same customer-facing API to surface all that functionality in the simplest, easiest-to-use user interface imaginable.

StackPath claim that the new services will enable customers to manage DNS for a secure and reliable domain name resolution from the edge, monitor performance and end-user experiences and protect hosting environments with inbuilt DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) mitigation capabilities through their CDN service.

Explaining this, Wen Temitim, CTO of StackPath, commented:

We insisted on creating an architecture that supports all of our services and technologies in a single platform that is extensible for all of the services we have in the works.

It’s the only way to deliver a better experience for our more than one million customers already on the platform, and establish the scalability needed to meet the threats of tomorrow.