March 4, 2016

SnapNames Partners with Radix

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The partnership will help Radix provide high-value domain names to the public through the SnapNames infrastructure.

SnapNames, a domain name aftermarket company, has teamed up with Radix, a Registry Operator for a variety of top-level domain extensions, for several exclusive auctions. Radix will be placing a substantial amount of inventory up for auction exclusively through SnapNames, starting with .website domains. Bidding will start in March with minimum bids as low as $69.

The way in which the domains will be sold is by rolling ‘Order By’ dates that will allow buyers to automatically secure the domains they desire. Where more than one bidder wants to purchase a particular domain, it will be auctioned over a 3-day period. Domains available for purchase include ‘’, ‘’, and ‘’.

“The high-value domain extensions that Radix is bringing exclusively to SnapNames helps our customers stay a step ahead and carve out their place on the web,” explained SnapNames’ Vice President, Operations, Michael White. “Our customers are innovative, bold, and savvy. Partnerships with Registries like Radix are a natural step forward in our efforts to help them get the best domains on the market.”

“We’re very excited about partnering with Snapnames; expiring domains offer a great opportunity for domain investors to grab valuable domains in these extensions,” said a Radix spokesperson. “There are some really valuable domains that we could have put into our registry reserve, but decided to offer them upon expiry instead”.

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