July 6, 2018

Infosys, Siemens partner to develop apps for IoT operating system ‘MindSphere’

The alliance aims to help Infosys’ customers leverage business-critical data that will help them improve competitiveness.

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Tech giants Infosys and Siemens have joined hands in a bid to develop applications and services on Siemens’ open cloud-based IoT (Internet of Things) operating system called MindSphere. As per the terms of the acquisition, Infosys will enable their customers to leverage MindSphere’s data analytics for predictive maintenance and end-to-end visibility.

According to Infosys, organizations from various sectors are looking to harness the power of IoT on their cloud environments. They say that with the inclusion of IoT in their IT strategy, building mission-critical applications and services will become easier.

Infosys say that Siemens’ MindSphere allows businesses from various sectors to enable advanced analytics capabilities on their industrial equipments, plants, systems and machines. These capabilities, Infosys say will allow users to build applications and services that are vital to the business.

Speaking about this in detail, a spokesperson for Siemens commented:

Data analytics will enhance efficiencies through capabilities like predictive maintenance and end-to-end factory visibility. The initial focus will be on customers in the manufacturing, energy, utilities, healthcare, pharmaceutical, transportation and logistics industries.

Infosys are excited with this development and are looking forward to working with Siemens. Ravi Kumar S, Deputy Chief Operating Officer at Infosys, commented:

Our new partnership with Siemens for MindSphere perfectly fits into our vision of seeing the physical and digital worlds converge. There is an increasing need for enterprises to accelerate their digital journeys and to deliver new and innovative services.

This partnership will help us bring exciting solutions to our customers that combine strategic insights and execution excellence.