November 14, 2016

.SHOP domains to get free SSL certificates

GMO Registry will offer .SHOP domain registrants a free one-year SSL certificate

cyber protection

GMO, the registry operator for .SHOP, has announced that they will offer .SHOP domain owners free SSL certificates to secure their websites.

.SHOP SSL is expected to be available to the domain name owners by the end of November 2016. The Registry announced that .SHOP domain owners will become eligible to receive .shopSSL, one-year Domain Validated (DV) certificates after registering a .SHOP domain name. The efficiency of these certificates, however remains undisclosed.

SSL encryption has been at the forefront of cyber-security discussions with acknowledgment from consumers, businesses, Certificate Authorities (CAs) and other stakeholders that the reported ratio of websites secured by SSL is low.

The Registry claims that domain owners will experience seamless integration of SSL encryption as part of their website. For e-commerce providers, this allows for differentiation of their platform and provides their customers the ability to conduct secure and private transactions.