October 14, 2016

ServerHub’s new location will be Amsterdam

The hosting provider announced its new location at ResellerClub presents HostingCon Europe 2016

The third annual ResellerClub presents HostingCon Europe 2016 was held this week at the Passenger Terminal in Amsterdam on 11th and 12th October.

At the event, hosting provider ServerHub announced that it is planning to launch its seventh worldwide location in Amsterdam by the end of 2016. The newly identified location is the company’s second in the region.

ServerHub mentioned that the new location will be live in December and said that Amsterdam is a huge connectivity hub in Europe, which makes it an ideal location for hosting infrastructure.

Recently, ServerHub launched its sixth location in New York, right after the expansions in Frankfurt and Seattle, respectively.

ServerHub’s CEO, John Brancela said that the company’s expansion to Amsterdam was an obvious call due to the positive results they received from their existing markets in the European Union. He also pointed out that there is high demand for their services in the Netherlands.

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