September 20, 2018

SD-WAN provider Talari Networks unveils ‘Cloud Connect’

The launch aims to help hybrid cloud users to avoid the time and cost burden of deploying and managing cloud infrastructure.


SD-WAN (Software Defined-Wide Area Network) provider Talari Networks have launched Cloud Connect, a solution for hybrid cloud-enterprise networks. With this launch, Talari Networks aims to aid hybrid cloud users avoid the time and cost burden of deploying and managing cloud infrastructure.

According to Talari, enterprise cloud requires unified network access across hybrid environments. They say that organizations need to maintain MPLS-class (Multi-Protocol Level Switching) reliability and Quality of Experience (QoE) when accessing multiple SaaS and public cloud services.

By launching Cloud Connect, Talari say that they will be simplifying cloud and network management for enterprises via a unified managed services platform. They also believe that Talari will be responding to the challenges posed by multi-cloud environments that address dynamic connectivity, bandwidth, and security requirements at the edge.

Speaking about the launch, Brad Casemore, Research Vice President, Datacenter Networks at IDC (International Data Corporation), opines:

As enterprises embrace hybrid IT and multi-cloud postures (…) they are compelled to overhaul their WAN architectures and management models to reliably, securely and cost-effectively deliver the cloud-based applications and services that are becoming increasingly valuable to business outcomes.

Talari Cloud Connect responds to the challenges posed by multi-cloud, offering an approach to SD-WAN that addresses the dynamic connectivity, bandwidth, and security requirements at the intelligent edge.

Talking about the benefit provided by Cloud Connect, Talari say that the product offers multi-link, multipath and reliable connections between customer locations at the CSP’s (Cloud Service Provider’s) Point of Presence (PoP), along with shared administration.

Patrick Sweeney, CEO at Talari Networks, commented:

Talari Cloud Connect ensures secure, reliable, predictable access to SaaS and cloud-based network services, without enterprises being forced to bear the burden and complexity of deploying and managing SD-WAN infrastructure in the cloud.

Cloud Connect helps enterprises and their cloud services providers deliver full multi-link visibility, reliability and bi-directional QoS while accessing cloud/SaaS-based apps.

Industry experts say that SD-WAN complements cloud architectures and their amalgamation really brings the best out of cloud environments. One cannot help but agree on this claim especially after SevOne partnered with VMware to gain instant visibility into cloud environments.