January 4, 2017

SaberLogic releases new SaaS product

The company says that Bezlio represents 14 years of understanding its customers’ needs

This week, custom development services provider SaberLogic announced the release of a new SaaS product called Bezlio. The company says that the product will make it easy for companies to provide data from sources like ERP and accounting systems to any PC or device, including mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

SaberLogic says that Bezlio uses a process of transferring data securely without opening any holes in the firewall or storing any information in the cloud. It uses a secure, token-based system through an encrypted cloud-based communication network to connect the data that is behind the customer’s firewall, inside the private network, with any trusted mobile device across the Internet.

The company says that Bezlio utilizes individual plugins that enable it to connect to various applications using their native APIs.

Adam Ellis, a partner at SaberLogic, said:

This product represents 14 years of understanding our customer’s needs and always thinking ‘there has to be a better way.’

It has been incredible to watch our preview accounts start to see what is possible with the platform and become as excited as we are – I cannot wait to show it to the rest of the world now.

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