February 5, 2018

Register.BG to release two-character domains

The move seeks to make domain registrations easy in a bid to cater to the rising business trend in the country.

A week after auDA announced its plan to introduce non-ASCII characters to the .au ccTLD, Bulgarian ccTLD operator Register.BG has released two-character domain names to make registration easier for businesses in the country. According to the terms of the release, Register.BG will be holding secret auctions for those interested in buying these domains.

Register.BG say that the business boom in Bulgaria has made it essential for owners and decisionmakers to quicken the process of domain name registration. They further added that these two-character domains will make the process easier and allow businesses in the country to fasten their digital presence.

According to Register.BG the two character domain names will follow registry terms 5.2.4, 5.2.5, 5.2.6 and 7.5 which state that the domain name (Label) can contain a letter ahead of a digit or a digit ahead of a letter or just two digits as a domain name. E.g (a1.bg, 1a.bg or 11.bg or 12.bg)

In closing, Register.BG said that the registration fees for special domain names will be USD 6200 and any unregistered domain names will be auctioned again after an interval of three months.

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