August 11, 2016

REDI expands its Asia-Pacific presence with new infrastructure & staff

The company announces the location of it’s new data center as well as the addition of several new staff in the region

REDI Global Technologies is in the process of expanding the infrastructure of it’s Asia Pacific data center and also it’s staff base. The company has established point-of-presence bases in Asia, EMEA and America and anticipates that the extended data center infrastructure will help localize their growth in the Asia region.

Michael Rude, REDI’s Chief Revenue Officer says :

We see a tremendous amount of opportunity in Asia Pacific and we’re pleased to expand our presence in the region by growing our operations there. This build out of our physical infrastructure in the region will allow us to provide a superior service to our clients trading into and within Asia by enhancing the performance, scalability and stability of our offering.

REDI has also expanded it’s presence to Hong Kong over the last few months, adding client coverage, account management and infrastructure engineering staff in the region. The office, located in Hong Kong’s Central business district, is headed by Jason Yoon-Hendricks.

Yoon-Hendricks adds :

Providing the highest possible level of service has always been a primary objective, and something for which we pride ourselves. We’re happy to reinforce our commitment to the Asia-Pacific region by adding to our team in Hong Kong.

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