October 12, 2018

RapidMiner launches cloud platform backed by data science technology

The unified cloud platform seeks to help analytics teams to build, train, manage and deploy predictive models.

cloud platform

SaaS platform provider RapidMiner have launched a new cloud platform called RapidMiner AI to allow analytics teams to build, train, manage and deploy predictive models by leveraging big data. With this launch, RapidMiner seeks to reduce the time taken to deploy predictive models in the cloud for business growth and forecasting.

According to RapidMiner, enterprises of all sizes require a prediction and data analysis tool that can help them unlock growth opportunities. They also say that these tools, though important, generally consume time when it comes to deploying them in the cloud.

By launching RapidMiner AI, RapidMiner say that the cloud platform will allow its users to build predictive models in a matter of 4 clicks. They say that this platform will leverage the powers of AI, machine learning and big data to accelerate the data science lifecycle for the entire analytics team.

Speaking about the launch, Lars Bauerle, Chief Product Officer at RapidMiner, commented:

We’re thrilled to announce Auto Model on the RapidMiner AI Cloud. AI Cloud is built on a modern, powerful architecture that will scale to the most demanding customer use cases.

With the release today of Auto Model for AI Cloud, anyone can get started building predictive models in just a few minutes. We have an exciting vision for the future of AI Cloud, and we will share more over the coming months.

RapidMiner claim that the cloud platform will help applications pivot and blend data from multiple sources. In addition to this, RapidMiner claims that the platform will provide –

1) Data enrichment services to build better predictive models,
2) Integrations with other data visualization and integration platforms, and
3) Native collaboration to ramp up the process of analytics teams.

In closing, the SaaS provider said that they will be partnering with cloud and service providers to boost the usage of this platform. Looks like the cloud market is likely to see more cloud platforms being launched just like the one unveiled by Acalvio to protect public cloud platforms.