February 14, 2019

Qualys acquires software assets of cloud application firm Adya

The acquisition aims to enable enterprises with the ability to consolidate their SaaS applications into one console and enforce security policies.

Cloud provider Qualys have acquired software assets of Adya, a cloud application and management firm to allow enterprises to consolidate their SaaS apps. As per the terms of the acquisition deal, Qualys will enable enterprises to manage license costs and set security policies across SaaS applications and enforce security policies through a single platform.

Adya believe that enabling security and compliance audits is getting critically important since enterprises are relying on cloud-based software for digital transformation. They say that visibility into cloud applications has become essential since monitoring large volumes of data is essential to gain critical insights.

By acquiring Adya’s software assets, Qualys believe that they will be able to bring SaaS administration, licensing, security and compliance into a single-pane view. They believe that enterprises will be able to deliver comprehensive reports for auditors and stakeholders by leveraging Adya’s software assets.

Speaking about Adya’s capabilities, Qualys claim that the former’s assets will be able to provide –

  1. Security and Compliance to gain visibility into SaaS apps
  2. Administer all SaaS apps to provide functionality
  3. Manage licences and audit reports to monitor usage of the SaaS apps

Industry analysts claim that enterprises will now be able to moderate their cloud subscriptions and scale as much as they would like to. It will be interesting to see how this acquisition pans out for Qualys, following the launch of their vulnerability assessment platform called Consulting Edition.