August 16, 2018

Alibaba to launch new cloud products for APAC consolidation

The launch seeks to bolster retailers in the region by providing them with resources that will boost their e-Commerce activities.

Cloud provider

Tech giant Alibaba’s SBU Alibaba Cloud is all set to launch a whole bunch of cloud products to boost the retailers in the APAC (Asia Pacific) market. With this launch, Alibaba Cloud aims to bridge the e-Commerce gap for retailers by providing them with machine learning, software and back up solutions to boost their APAC operations.

According to Alibaba, retailers in the APAC region have difficulties in moving their products off the shelf with the rise of e-Commerce platforms. They say that this disruption, though beneficial for customers, has affected retailers and their brick-and-mortar models.

By launching cloud-based products for the retail market, Alibaba say that they will be addressing business issues of a large chunk of the market by providing them with sophisticated tools and products to compete with e-Commerce players. They say that the series of products that will be launched include-

1) Machine learning platforms- to provide retailers with access to Alibaba’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities.
2) Software solutions- to protect users from crawlers and malicious activities.
3) Backup solutions- to protect users business-critical data.

In addition to this, Alibaba also added that the new series will include cloud and IoT (Internet of Things) products that will consolidate online sales, marketing and data analysis to deliver enhanced online and offline customer experiences.

Speaking about the launch, Derek Wang, Chief Solution Architect at Alibaba Cloud, commented:

This new suite of offerings includes products that are highly efficient, cost-effective. These products all have specific features that meet an identified need within the flourishing retail market in the Asia Pacific region.

E-commerce is witnessing considerable growth and Alibaba Cloud, leveraging on Alibaba Group’s development, can offer a mature ecosystem to support the regional retail sector.