November 15, 2016

Neustar Director : There are 1,500+ new extensions in the market or launching

Crystal Peterson is the Director Of Registry Services & Global Channel Management at Neustar is the official information partner for ‘ResellerClub Presents HostingCon 2016’ which will be held on 16th and 17th November. We will bring updates, news and a number of interviews from key speakers and brands present at the event exclusively for our readers.
Here’s an insight of what we will bring to you this week!

This is a pre-interview that we have conducted of one of our key speakers, Crystal Peterson. She is the Director Of Registry Services & Global Channel Management at Neustar.

How are the nTLDs such as .BIZ and .(brand) beneficial to businesses?

If a company, organization or start-up is not in the financial situation to acquire their own .(brand) TLD ($185,000 initial cost, plus yearly fees, plus per transaction fees) then a gTLD is the best approach for them to have their online home.
.BIZ is a definitive option for those companies that are looking to define themselves as businesses online and are looking to ensure they have searchable content to be found by their current and new customers.

How do nTLDs compete with gTLDs?

I believe we are all domain name extensions. I don’t think of it as nTLDs vs. gTLDs, but as helping people really realize the use, importance and need for domain names in the digital age we have today and moving into the future.
There are some that are new to market and some that have been in the space for a number of years.  From .com/.net/.org/.us that have all been in the space since 1985, to newer extensions that have developed from the 1990’s onward. We have country specific extensions and also generic extensions with a global scope and extensions that are generic in nature but with a regional scope.
Today, there are over 1,500 new domain name extensions in the market or launching. We have a vastly different landscape from the time that .COM, .NET. .US and .ORG were launching among only 11 extensions.
We are also in a digital age where people know of the Internet, but are still harnessing its ideas for future growth. While we vie for placement, recognition and growth, we are still stronger the more any of our extensions grow.