November 15, 2016

Donuts Co-Founder : More than 25 million new gTLDs have been sold worldwide

Dan Schindler is the Co-Founder And Executive Vice President, Business Development at Donuts is the official information partner for ‘ResellerClub Presents HostingCon 2016’ which will be held on 16th and 17th November. We will bring updates, news and a number of interviews from key speakers and brands present at the event exclusively for our readers.
Here’s an insight of what we will bring to you this week!

This is a pre-interview that we have conducted of one of our key speakers, Daniel Schindler. He is the Co-Founder And Executive Vice President, Business Development at Donuts.

Do you think new TLDs can replace the popularity of generic TLDs?

Definitely! New SMB/SMEs and Startups coming online do not have the same attachment to a legacy TLD as compared to current online businesses. These new online businesses and Startups are looking for fresh, new and meaningful names to establish their online presence and identity and new TLDs provide this all over the world including in India.
For example, we are already seeing this with (the) wave of new businesses using not-com options like (India), (USA), (China) and even bigger companies like Facebook: and Microsoft: are using new TLDs for their marketing and new initiatives.

How do you see the market evolving in the next 2 years?

We will see greater adoption in the market for new TLDs. Already more than 25 million names have been sold worldwide. We will also see a lot of innovation around business with the use of new TLDs.
In the next two years and more, brands will come online with their own extensions, which will lead to great education and awareness everywhere. We are already seeing this with some of the largest banks and MNC companies switching over like, and
Think of .bmw. Instead of using they will inevitably use or These companies will also market their new extensions both offline and online.
This coupled along with the efforts of the industry players like Donuts and Endurance will see the market take off especially in India and emerging markets.