January 6, 2017

NCC Group sells Open Registry companies

The companies were sold to KeyDrive SA and Terrain.com SA for a combined sum of €3.75m

This week, NCC Group, the information assurance firm announced that it has sold its Open Registry group of companies. The companies have been sold to KeyDrive SA and Terrain.com SA for a combined amount of €3.75 million.

OpenRegistry provides back-end technology solutions for registrars, such as new gTLD registration systems, and DNSSEC solutions. The company is based in Luxembourg and Belgium.

NCC Group is headquartered in Manchester, United Kingdom. The company’s service areas cover software escrow and verification, cyber-security consulting and managed services, website performance, software testing and domain services.

NCC said that the businesses sold include Open Registry SA, ClearingHouse for Intellectual Property SA, Nexperteam CVBA and Sensirius CVBA. Out of the total amount, €2 million was paid on completion, with the rest deferred for 18 months.

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