October 20, 2016

Microsoft to expand its Azure Government cloud

The company will be opening new government data centers in Arizona and Texas

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This week, Microsoft announced new advancements to its government cloud offerings. Microsoft Azure Government is a government community cloud that claims to offer hyper scale compute, storage, networking, and identity management services, and security.

Jason Zander, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Azure said :

Governments across the United States – from the biggest Federal agencies to the smallest towns – are increasingly turning to the cloud to be more productive and collaborative, and to better harness exponentially growing amounts of data that helps them better support the citizens they serve.

Through its blog, Microsoft announced that the expansion includes two data center regions dedicated to DoD (Department of Defense) specific Office365 and Azure services, which have been designed to meet DoD Impact Level 5 requirements. Microsoft will be expanding the government data centers into Arizona and Texas, which will be available in 2017.

He added :

As we continue to build out our government cloud infrastructure and services here in the U.S. and in data centers across the globe, we will continue to work to ensure our innovations in cloud technology, capacity, trust and compliance help governments work better for everyone.