January 14, 2019

Kellton Tech strokes strategic alliance with Dormakaba for cloud-IoT security

The partnership aims to build a future-ready cloud-based IoT device connectivity solution be leveraging control and security systems.

cloud IoT security

Digital transformation firm Kellton Tech have forged a strategic partnership with Dormakaba to provide cloud-IoT security solutions to enterprises. With this alliance, both entities will be working towards building a strong foundation of data, analytics, and information through the IoT solution.

According to Kellton Tech, enterprises need a solution that fosters security across all cloud platforms, including a cloud and IoT overlap. They say that this approach allows enterprises to reduce the time taken to market critical applications in the cloud or a cloud-IoT platform.

By partnering with Dormakaba, Kellton believe that they will be able to facilitate enterprises with a secure IoT solution that is future-ready, protects organizations from viruses and accelerates application marketability. They say that this solution will allow organizations to enrich customer experience, streamline operations and optimize operational costs.

Karanjit Singh, CEO, Kellton Tech, India claims that with more than 20 billion devices connected, the IoT market in India is poised to grow over USD 1.7 billion by 2020. He believes that with such a large opportunity, tapping into the market is critical, since Dormakaba’s secure access prowess can make data protection simpler.

Market analysts claim that Kellton and Dormakaba’s deal is a solid move in the cybersecurity sector and reminds one of Rivetz’s partnership with Node Haven.