April 7, 2017

Industry Roundup: Week 1, April

PowerShield launches PowerShield Controller system; BoldGrid joins forces with Softaculous; Kingsland Data Center to use Aimetis Symphony to monitor its facility

PowerShield launches PowerShield Controller system at Data Center World 2017
The new battery monitoring product will offer solutions for managing standby battery banks for data centers

PowerShield announced the launch of the PowerShield Controller system at Data Center World 2017. Through the release, the company says that it will offer the most advanced solution for managing standby battery banks for data centers.

Len Thomas, Managing Director, PowerShield said:

The data center industry is increasingly central to most modern economies.

It’s crucial that suppliers like PowerShield continue to innovate to make our systems smart and more powerful, while being easier to use.

Thomas also said that new features have been introduced in the Controller system to enable easy installation and management, more monitoring capabilities and a broader range of communication and data integration options. He also added that they would continue to back the new product with customer support.


BoldGrid joins forces with Softaculous for automation
The partnership will automate BoldGrid installations for most major platforms

Softaculous, the industry leading auto installer for cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, InterWorx, and H-Sphere control panels announced that BoldGrid has joined forces with the company.

BoldGrid claims that it eliminates tedious time-consuming developer tasks and includes user-friendly design tools that anyone can use, enabling users to launch and manage WordPress websites in a fraction of the time it would otherwise require. Through this move, Softaculous says that it will leverage BoldGrid as a new selectable option while using the convenient one-click installer to setup a WordPress site.

Todd Robinson, CEO, Softaculous said:

We are very excited to have BoldGrid included in the, more than, 400 scripts supported by Softaculous.

BoldGrid is a perfect addition to the auto installer that shares the same overall goal of saving webmasters and web hosts time and frustration by automating tedious tasks and allowing users to focus on the things that matter most.


Kingsland Data Center to use Aimetis Symphony to monitor its facility
Aimetis Symphony says it will help Kingsland monitor the 208,000 sq.ft. of space under its operation

Aimetis, an intelligent video management software provider announced that the Kingsland Data Center, Singapore will be using the Aimetis Symphony video management software to help monitor its mission critical facility.

The company pointed out that Kingsland needed a solution that would be able to meet the unique requirements and specifications of its clients, scalable to meet evolving needs, and analytic-ready to use Face Recognition and Automatic License Plate Recognition when needed.

Asher Ling, CEO, Kingsland Data Center said:

The flexibility of the Kingsland Data Center is that we co-design with our clients how they would like certain parts of the data center to be…within their space.

I needed a VMS that had the ability to scale constantly.

The company added that the intuitive and user-friendly interface of Aimetis Symphony enables operators at Kingsland to easily monitor the large, 208,000 sq.ft. of space.

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