December 21, 2017

IaaS provider 3W Infra launches global start-up accelerator program

The program aims to fasten the growth of small companies through economical hosting infrastructure and engineering resources.

Dutch IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) provider 3W Infra has announced the launch of startup accelerator program in a bid to drive growth for scale-hungry start-ups. With this program, 3W Infra will empower start-ups with subsidized IaaS infrastructure, engineering resources and executive mentoring. They further added that the initiation of this program will be done at their AMS1 data center in the Netherlands but they will roll out the global plans in a few months.

3W Infra explained that with the ignition of this program, startups will be able to save costs on important equipment without having to worry about scale. They further added that this program promises its partners with the wide portfolio of 3W’s infrastructure which includes colocation and dedicated servers right from low-end to high-end services that require sophisticated cloud environments.

According to 3W Infra, the reason they chose to initiate the global start-up program was that they understood the pulse of the market since they too were a startup once. Explaining the idea behind the global startup accelerator program, Roy Premchand, Managing Director 3W Infra said:

As a former startup ourselves, founded in 2014, we are keenly aware of prettymuch  all startup requirements for transforming an idea into a profitable business. We’ve also experienced fast-paced and high growth within the 3W Infra organization where we had to scale-up almost instantly from about 3,000 up to 4,000 dedicated servers under management, so we know what it takes to successfully support startups with ultra-scalable IaaS hosting infrastructure when needed.

As a condition of entry, 3W Infra stated that they will be closely examining the start-up’s ability to scale and their current plan of operation before inducting them into the program.

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