March 21, 2018

Google launches new security tools for cloud

The tools seek to provide Google’s cloud and GSuite customers transparency over security risks with the help of deep insights.

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Tech behemoth Google have launched two new security features namely- Cloud Security Command Center and VPC Service Controls for their Cloud and GSuite customers. By launching these new features, Google aims to provide actionable insights to their customers in a bid to identify security risks on the cloud.

According to Google, business security is getting critical with the number of DDoS and malware attacks increasing every year. They further added that in order to make cloud environments secure, launching these new features became imperative.

Google say that by launching Cloud Security Command Center, they aim to provide their Google Cloud customers with transparency over unsecured storage buckets. Whereas with VPC Service Controls, Google say that they intend to enable their hybrid cloud customers with security measures around API connections between on-premise deployments and their cloud servers.

Speaking about the launch, Gerhard Eschelbeck, Vice President for Security and Privacy at Google Cloud, commented:

We believe a more secure business landscape is better for everyone, and we’ll continue to develop ways to help businesses be more secure.

With more layers of security, Google say that they won’t be compromising on the performance of their cloud products. They further added that Google will also give their customers detailed logs of when they must access their accounts for maintenance-related services by launching Access Transparency feature.

Explaining the need for transparency, Jennifer Lin, director of product management for Google Cloud Platform security and privacy, commented:

With Access Transparency, we can continue to maintain high performance and reliability for your environment while remaining accountable to the trust you place in our service.