February 13, 2019

Ericsson, Intel strike alliance for 5G cloud platform

The partnership seeks to provide telcos with open cloud and NFV infrastructure by leveraging Intel’s multi-level hardware options and Ericsson’s end-to-end software solutions.

Tech giants Intel and Ericsson have entered into a strategic partnership to create a common, managed and scalable 5G platform for all cloud workloads. With this partnership, telecom enterprises will be able to build, orchestrate and manage applications by leveraging the platform’s open cloud and NFV infrastructure.

According to Ericsson, telecom enterprises are looking to build cloud-based applications that can augment their networks. They say that with augmented networks, telecom enterprises can scale and successfully take their information from centralized data centers to the edge.

With NFV (Network Function Virtualization) technology and open cloud, Ericsson say that telcos will be able to boost their communication prowess by overcoming development barriers to facilitate intelligent networks. They further added that Intel’s hardware expertise, integrated with Ericsson’s software-defined infrastructure, telecom operators and enterprises can facilitate intelligent, flexible and programmable networks.

As a part of the alliance, Intel say that Ericsson’s software and their hardware will be converged for the entire product line. With this integration, Intel believe that they will be able to reach into untapped markets.

Industry experts claim that this move will further boost the cloud share of both enterprises in the telecom market. It will be interesting to see how the alliance takes form, following the partnership of Saudi Telecom with Oracle.