November 9, 2016

Google Cloud launches Cloud Platform in Tokyo

The new project builds on the company’s existing Taiwan cloud region

On Tuesday, Google announced through their blog, the launch of its cloud computing platform in Tokyo region which builds on its existing Taiwan cloud region.

With the new addition, the Google Cloud Platform features Tokyo and Taiwan and a total of six zones in Asia. In the APAC region, Google says that they plan to open new regions in Mumbai, Singapore and Sydney over the course of next year, in addition to new regions in the U.S., Finland, Germany, U.K. and Brazil.

The company also added that having a local data center will decrease the latency for users in Japan by 50 to 85 percent when compared to their existing Taiwan region.

Google said that customers in Tokyo would have access to its core services, including Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, App Engine Standard Environment, Container Engine, Cloud Datastore, Cloud Dataflow, Cloud Dataproc, Cloud DNS, Cloud VPN, Cloud Router, and Cloud IAM products. They also pointed out that Taiwan and Tokyo cloud regions use Google’s networking backbone, which includes the FASTER and PLCN submarine cables.

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