October 19, 2016

GoDaddy releases product to help build WordPress websites

The company hopes this new product will help small businesses build websites on the WordPress CMS.

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GoDaddy today announced WordPress Websites, a product to help users who want to build a WordPress website quickly. The cost of the product ranges from $7.99 to $14.99 per month and includes a Quick Start Wizard that the company says will simplify the website creation process, and will also include high-quality images and premium themes.

GoDaddy claims that during the beta release of its product, more than three times as many customers were successful in publishing a website and that the average time to publish a site decreased by 73%.

Jeff King, senior vice president of Hosting at GoDaddy said :

WordPress is a massive ecosystem, powering over 25% of the top 10 million websites worldwide. At GoDaddy over 50% of our Hosting customers use WordPress.

Adding WordPress Websites to our portfolio helps provide a full range of DIY site building solutions for our small business customers. With them in mind, WordPress Websites is designed to be the easiest way to create a powerful, scalable WordPress website.

GoDaddy also announced that it would help users of their new product integrate with their Email Marketing, SEO Optimization and Business Email services, in order to specifically cater to business.