December 15, 2017

Facebook to build two new data centers in Eastern Oregon by 2021

The new data centers will be built to provide space to Facebook’s new media developments like 360-degree photos, videos, along with virtual and augmented reality.

Facebook has announced plans to build two new data centers at its existing Prineville campus in Eastern Oregon by 2021. They also stated that these data centers will be built to support new media developments on a limited number of applications in the most optimal way instead of designing them on platforms used by traditional enterprises like banks or insurance companies.

According to industry analysts, Facebook’s hunger for new customers is equivalent to their hunger for data center capacity to accommodate newer platforms and services used by their customers. The two new data centers, Facebook say, will be 900,000 square feet, in addition to the 70,000-square foot administrative building which will connect them. Speaking about their data center plans, KC Timmons, data center operations official with Facebook’s West Region said:

We will break ground on our fourth data center building this month, which will begin serving traffic in 2020. Building five will break ground in 2018 and begin serving traffic in 2021. These new buildings (..) will represent a capital investment of hundreds of millions of dollars, which is in addition to more than $1 billion we have already invested in the Prineville Data Center.

Facebook says that they plan to bring their data center tally to a total of 11 which include the one at Denmark and three in the U.S that they announced last year.

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