December 15, 2017

Archive360 announces Archive2Azure – an Azure storage solution

The archive solution aims to provide safe, low cost and flexible management of large data for Azure’s customers.

Data migration and management solutions provider Archive360 have announced Archive2Azure, an intelligent data management and compliance archive solution to provide support for Microsoft Archive Blob Storage tier. With this solution, Microsoft says, their Azure users will enjoy a safe and low-cost compliant intelligent archive.

Microsoft says that with Azure2Archive, customers will be able to store, index, search and manage large volumes of data. They further added that this data will be stored in Azure specific storage tiers and can be easily moved tier-to-tier, programmatically or even manually without dropping its performance level.

Bill Tolson, Vice President Marketing at Archive 360 pointed that with the introduction of Archive2Azure, Azure users will never have to struggle to fetch sensitive data held in Azure tenancy. Highlighting the advantages it provides across various industries, Tolson said:

The new Azure Archive Blob Storage tier combined with Archive2Azure software is a boon for records managers, archivists, HR departments, IT departments, and legal departments – across virtually every industry vertical – anyone that collects and stores low-touch data for long periods of time, that must ensure its availability, protection, and security.

Microsoft Azure’s Product Management Director Jurgen Willis echoed Tolson’s thoughts about organizations storing data for a longer time. Laying emphasis on this, he said:

More than ever, organizations are responsible for managing large amounts of unstructured data, leading to an increased demand for storage capacity.

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