December 28, 2018

Ernst & Young, Symantec join hands to help organizations manage cyber risks

The partnership aims to address security concerns over intellectual property and data as enterprises scale their business.

cyber risks

Consulting giant Ernst & Young (EnY) have partnered with Symantec to help enterprises manage cyber risks. As per the terms of the deal, EnY will be combining their consulting prowess with Symantec’s cybersecurity capabilities, to address security concerns over intellectual property and data, as enterprises scale their business.

According to Symantec, the number of cyber attacks that occur every year are growing day-by-day. They believe that these attacks need to be curbed and mitigated if enterprises have to continue doing business securely.

In addition to this, Symantec claim that cyber attacks pose a threat to business sensitive data which needs to be secured and protected. To ensure the same, the EU (European Union) have introduced GDPR which Symantec claim will help secure intellectual property.

However, EnY opine that when they will enter the market with Symantec, enterprises will benefit from th combined understanding of the cyber security ecosystem along with means and ways of securing intellectual property and data.

Paul van Kessel, Global Cybersecurity Leader at EnY believes that organizations are investing in new trends as a result of rising awareness about cloud, security and AI platforms that help battle virus attacks. He further added that this alliance is an effort to help organizations secure data without having to manage multiple vendors.

Symantec say that they are thrilled to add EnY’s expertise to their team and their combined interests will help drive value for customers. They also say that Symantec’s Integrated Cyber Defense Platform complemented by EnY’s advisory and consulting services will help organizations secure their business data.

It will be interesting to see how the alliance makes the most, following KPMG’s partnership with cloud for enterprises.