March 24, 2017

Equinix expands to new locations in Europe

The Equinix Cloud Exchange is now available in three new markets including Dublin, Milan and Stockholm

Equinix, the global interconnection and data center company announced its plans to expand the availability of the Equinix Cloud Exchange to three new European markets including Dublin, Milan and Stockholm.

Equinix says that bringing direct and private access to multiple cloud providers in the new markets supports European businesses who are undergoing digital transformation. It also enables global enterprises to provide multi-cloud solutions across multiple locations.

The company added that the new markets will provide enterprises with additional flexibility for the location of their cloud workloads and data across the region, depending on their business needs and local regulations.

Equinix also said that the availability of Cloud Exchange in three new markets along with its presence in five existing European markets (London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris and Zurich) will extend the ability of companies to access low-latency, private cloud connectivity without going over the public Internet or a WAN.

This interconnected approach, Equinix claims, allows companies to boost cloud application performance, reduce latency, improve network control & visibility and deliver a quality cloud experience to end users.

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