May 29, 2018

DeNet partners with Daplie Inc. for decentralized internet service

The alliance seeks to provide a blockchain-based platform for safe data storage, attempting to remove the need for data center services.

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Network provider DeNet have partnered with cloud infrastructure provider Daplie Inc. to facilitate decentralized internet services. As per the terms of the alliance, DeNet and Daplie will provide a blockchain-based platform to store data, in a bid to remove the need to depend on data centers.

According to DeNet, data centers take up a lot of energy, increasing the overall costs for organizations to store their data. They also claim that these costs more or less amplify with time with the rising needs of these organizations.

By partnering with Daplie Inc., DeNet say that they will be providing decentralized internet connectivity to enterprises, allowing them to connect their personal devices and data. They also say that they will be leveraging blockchain technology to provide data storage services up to 20 TB to their customers.

Speaking about the alliance, Rafik Singatullin, the CEO of DeNet, commented:

We are obsessed with the idea of giving you control over your digital life, so we are searching for solutions which can provide users full ownership of their data. This partnership is the most natural possible fit—both Daplie and DeNet are built around privacy, security, and protection of user’s data, so our common goals offer an incredible synergy.

It will be interesting to witness how the alliance works towards making this service a possibility when major players are reliant on data center services.